The Aces Club has been in existence since 1941. It was originally formed by a small group of students attending St. Lawrence grade school, and eventually Archbishop Elder High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. The purpose of the club was centered around community support, and charitable giving to those less fortunate. After over 60 years as a family centered organization, we feel that the best is yet to come.

Each year, on several different occasions, all of the families come together to join in fun and good times to renew old acquaintences. Many of the parents of the Easter Egg Hunt participants attended those same activities when they were growing up. The extended Aces Club family is well over 200... and growing. To see more of our activities, please go to the picture section of the site for ongoing updates to recent activities... ENJOY !!!

The club meets most months at varying locations agreed to by the membership and during the warmer months, convenes at the "home base" which is a farm that sits on a hilltop far above Aurora, Indiana and overlooks the Ohio River. The site allows for overnight camping, fishing, hiking, biking, and all around good times that will always be remembered fondly.

Under the "Keeper of the Flame's" (aka... Uncle Woody) ownership and oversight, this location has been home to the Farmfest Festival which has been a substantial player in Southeastern Indiana's community efforts for funding EMS and community services in that area. Attendance of 2000+ at the Farmfest has been the norm, with it's reputation speading far and wide. We are proud to have this type of individual among our membership ranks.

We are proud to say that our membership are among the "movers and shakers" in the communities in which they live. We not only "talk the talk", but we "walk the walk" also! This site is dedicated to the many Aces the have gone before us. They allowed us the ability to enjoy the fruits of the hard labors and their sacrifices for God, and country, and for this we pledge our continuing efforts to keep their club spirit alive...and growing.

As we progress through the development of this site, we will post more and more information for our families, and friends to visit, enjoy, and participate.