We're looking at opening our ranks to family, and friends of the core group at some point. Our hope is to have this grow together in the same spirit as it was conceived. We can guarantee, pictures will abound since we meet monthly.

Again, THANK YOU for visiting our site! We'll look forward to giving all of you future Aces' news.

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Where fun and good comraderie abound!
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50 years 1941 to 1991 by Historian Mr. Edward Kemen
Welcome to the Aces Club home page!

We hope that this home page will allow our members, and their extended families, and friends continuing updates regarding our undertakings and continuing information about club events, and community activities.

The current year's officers are:

President Andrew Bucher
Vice President Thomas Wuebbling
Secretary Dallas Hall
Treasurer Clayton Bimmerle
We have a LOT of history to share, and plan to make it a fun place to vist.

We have club members from four states thusfar....Ohio, Indiana, Florida and TEXAS! (OK Uncle Chuck... is that big enough print?)
Please visit our "About Us", and "Events" pages for more information about the Aces Club history and activities. As we continue to develop our site, we look forward to posting more information about us, and fun things that we have planned and announcements about upcoming events.

To Contact us just visit the "Contact Us" and email address for the club. Any comments or suggestions are always welcome.
We sadly lost out last active original Ace...Ed Kemen...we will all greatly miss you